Thursday, November 24, 2011

so thankful.

Never ended up going to my gramma's open house party thing since my mummy was sick. Just had Jerrica over to hang out and exchange Christmas presents early instead. I got Jerrica a custom calendar, a book, a Hanson concert dvd, and coffee. And she got me Lindt Chocolate, yummy. 

Then I got my 11"x17" frames for my concerts posters on Wednesday (the 16th). The Jonas Brothers one is 3 years old, but the Hanson one is from this year. So glad they're in better frames now! And I also got the new Harry Potter DVD in the mail! Haven't watched it yet, but will soon. I've been watching the other movies of the Harry Potter series. Even though I've seen ALL the movies already.

Then on Friday (the 18th), I got the new Christmas tree mum ordered in the mail, so I set it up. Even though normally we don't put it up until after Thanksgiving. It's not as full as our old Christmas tree, but it was about time to get a new one haha.

And on Sunday (the 20th), I went to see Breaking Dawn: Part 1 with Jerrica and my parents. I love going to matinee showings 'cause it's only $5 a ticket! It was actually really good. Better than the other movies. Still not as wonderful as the book though. Forever in love with the books haha. 

It snowed last night ): We got 15 inches of snow. Yuck. Wish it'd only snow on Christmas, and then go away. 

Also ordered really cute postcards and stickers from Charlavail's holiday store.

And today is Thanksgiving. Just had lunch with my parents. I'm so full haha.

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