Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas lights, oh what a sight.

I didn't really do much on Christmas Eve. When I was younger, we used to open up our presents and have a nice dinner with our parents. We being my brother and I haha. Now that he's married and lives 10 hours away, that's not the case ): I miss having him here for holiday's.
But my mum and I ended up making a pot roast. It ended up so good! It's the second one that I've made this year. 

our tree all lit up (:

Then on Christmas morning, I woke up at nine in the morning and got ready to go to my gram's for Christmas breakfast. It was snowing when I looked out my window. I'm glad we had a white Christmas, but otherwise than that the snow can just go away. I finally wore a dress I bought about a year ago and it fit really well. 

Then we headed up to my gramma's for breakfast and we were there for like a four hours. My allergies were really aggravated by the time we left because she has a long-haired cat. But it was really nice up there. Her new house she has is cute. The breakfast we had was really good and so was dessert. I made the coffee cake and peanut butter reindeer shaped cookies.
Mum gave me a blank cookbook to write all the recipes I love in it for whenever I move out. I love it.

I sent out my Christmas presents to everybody in like the first week of December and everybody loved them. I made hand-braided headbands for my online friends that I send presents to. 
I've gotten a few of my presents in the mail from people. Still waiting for the ones people say they're going to send out haha.

the gifts my friend Andrea in California sent me

the ornament my friend Holly in Oklahoma made me

the gift card my bubby and sis-in-law sent me 
Then I went after Christmas shopping this past Tuesday. I always love going and shopping the sales that happen after Christmas. You save SO much! I got some instant snow to send my best friend Ani who lives in SC now (she has for the past 2-ish years). She said she missed the snow. So I'm going to send it to her in February for her birthday. Then I got myself a magnetic picture frame that was super cute. Then I also got myself a Hershey gift set. 

I also got the postcards and stickers from Charlavail's Holiday Store in the beginning of December. They're so cute :3

Now just to wait for my clothes, cd's, and perfume I ordered to come in the mail.

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