Wednesday, October 12, 2011

come on this musical ride with me.

While I was waiting in line for the show with Jerrica and my dad, we (Jerrica & I) went to Starbucks. I had a Strawberry & Creme frappuccino and marble pound cake. 

So last night was the Hanson concert, but it didn't last as long as usual. They've all been fighting colds for over a week, especially Taylor. So they played 10 songs. They're going to reschedule the show though, and all we have to do is bring the tickets from last night and we will get in free. Hopefully I get to meet them next time.

It was still amazing though. 

Hanson played:

  • Musical Ride
  • Waiting For This
  • Where's The Love
  • Minute Without You
  • And I Waited
  • Deeper
  • Running Man
  • Thinking 'Bout Somethin'
  • MMMBop
  • Man From Milwaukee

I met up with Mary, Julie, and Ashley from the Hanson concert I went to in summer of 2010. It was nice seeing them. They live 3 hours away from me up in northern Maine, so we don't like ever get to see each other.

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