Saturday, October 8, 2011


I went to the fair on Wednesday with my mum and dad. It rained off and on, along with being super windy. But it was fun still. I had french fries as soon as I got there. Then we walked around a bit. Then I had some fried broccoli w/ warm cheese sauce. Then I saw a "pick your own pearl" vendor thingy. So I picked one and there was this purple-ish/pink (the pic doesn't do the color justice at all) pearl inside. It was so cool watching the person get the pearl out of the oyster. They made it into a ring for me. Mum and I then decided to go play some games. And she won me this really cute dolphin (that I named Alek) at that water gun game thingy. Then I had two cups of hot chocolate, 'cause it was cold outside and I wanted to stay warm. Then I got my maple sugar cotton candy! Yum. Then mum and I got fried dough w/ powdered sugar on it before we decided to leave.

And today I found out that The Academy Is... broke up ): I'm sad about that. I'm glad that I was able to see them headline a show at a small club last year, along with meeting Beckett and Sisky.

Only a few more days until Hanson!

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