Monday, September 19, 2011

nothing's bigger than love.

My brother Dustin and my sis-in-law Linzi arrived on Friday at 1:30 am. The last time they visited was March. It's nice to see them again. 

I went on a walk with my mum on Saturday. There's a path behind my house that leads to the abandoned railroad tracks. I love walking it. There was tons of mosquitoes out there though ): There usually isn't. I'm going to go out back again once the leaves start turning colors. The pics will be much prettier then.

Yesterday, my gramma and grampa D came over, along with my grampa E. We had tacos. Then we celebrated my brother's 27th birthday (which is on the 24th of this month) with a cake grampa E bought my brother and some apple pie that my gramma D made. The cake was delicious. I didn't try the apple pie though. 

Then we took a family picture. None of us really wanted to take it. But my gramma W insisted that we had to, so that she didn't have to put multiple pictures on her new walls haha.

Dustin, Linzi, Me, Mum, and Dad

Yesterday mum, dad, and I went to Froagie's also. Their ice cream is so good. They close really soon and I hadn't been there all summer. I really wanted my cotton candy ice cream.

Later today, I'll be hanging out with my brother and Linzi some more. Since they leave tomorrow ): I'm going to miss them.

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